For newcomers in a foreign country it is not always easy to describe or explain what their competences are. A range of resources designed by “BIC” partnership members gives teachers appropriate ready to use material to support the detection of learners´ competences. Resources address also the CLIL methodology in exemplary resources.

Discovering own skills (EN) (DE) (ES) (FR) (IT) (PT)
Collection of drawings belonging to Skills Collection
Carpenter (EN) (DE)
Learning spanish



(EN), Introduction, Didactic Unit

100 frases para leerfotos y palabrasfrases cotidianaspalabrasrodea la palabra que oyesverduras

Valladolid welcoming city (EN) (IT), Introduction, Didactic Unit, Language, Mathematics, Natural and Social, Teacher evaluation, Learner autoevaluation
Factors that influence climate  (EN), Basics of Geography, worksheetsBasics of Geography video
Civics: house rules (from senses to cohabitation) (EN), pictures
Snake game (download zipped materials: EN, DE, ES, FR)
Activity lapbook (EN), Lapbook Image
Multisensory workshops


classroom materials

(EN), workshops video, presesentation EN, presentation ES, Walking Valladolid

Evaluacion, Lengua, Mate, Sociales

Learning with all senses:

Description of landscapes using imagery

Collection of Pictures for the description of landscapes

Resource in English
The Human Evolution Resource in English with online quiz
Profesiones Resource in Spanish – Ejercicio Online de las profesiones
Collection of drawings for jobs Collection