On the first day the meeting took place at the “CPIA di Padova” headquarters where the nine schools which offer adult education and lifelong learning courses in the province of Padua are coordinated. The presence of the partners of the BIC project brought warmth and liveliness to the site, notwithstanding the rainy weather.

All teams monitored the development of the project and presented the activities and resources elaborated according to the goals shared at the first meeting in Olching: promoting inclusion and boosting skills of migrants, disadvantaged people, people with disabilities, Roma, refugees, asylum seekers, illiterate people.

We then shared ideas for the development and improvement of the project website.

Finally, we enjoyed the “Scarf of Solidarity” workshop: we joined four rectangles made of woollen squares knitted in workshops carried out in our four countries. The woollen squares were made in our Institutions by students, disadvantaged or not, coming from all over the world, who worked with the same aim: helping each other to create something meaningful, the Scarf of Solidarity to be brought to the European Union Parliament in Brussels in November 2018.

We will continue knitting squares till the meeting in France in April 2018


On the second day of the meeting was held in Cittadella , one of the town of the Province of Padua where the CPIA organizes its courses. In the sunny morning we visited the ancient walls and the historical centre of the town and were welcomed by its young mayor and councilor of culture at the town hall.

In the afternoon we all enjoyed an art session workshop at the school in Santa Croce Bigolina.

Finally, we shared proposals and opinions about what will be our main task for next meeting : how to develop a list of steps and priorities to facilitate and possibly achieve successful inclusion. The list of steps will be our DRESFI (Definition of Relevant Educational Steps to Facilitate Inclusion) PAPER

On Thurdsday evening all teams, old and new partners, joined together at a nice evening meal.
On Friday,4th  in the morning  the meeting started in VHS Olching beautiful and welcoming school with a warm-up activity with pictures which implied recalling sounds and smells. All partners then presented their own institutions,  revised goals, considered economic facts and human resources.  We agreed on creating this website and chose our logo.
We were then  warmly received at the Town Hall of Olching, where the  Mayor gave us a very  interesting, clear and truly appreciated presentation of the town from economic, sociological, historical  perspectives, followed by a likewise appreciated lunch, with local bratwurst, cucumber potato salad, sweet mustard and drinks.
In the afternoon we shared ideas and plans about  the realization of the DRESFI paper  (Definition of Relevant Educational Steps to Facilitate Inclusion Paper);  the creation of resources based on CLIL and “Learning with all Senses” approaches; and the designing of the “Travelling Scarf of Solidarity”.
In the evening we enjoyed a delicious and tasty dinner in the countryside, with  vegetables and meat typical of the season.
On Saturday we joined and enjoyed two more workshops at Vhs Olching School, then we set our  to-do list till next meeting,  in terms of Clil, task oriented, learning with all senses  topics and activities, and DRESFI paper.
Then we engaged in designing the portions of the“Travelling Scarf of Solidarity” that will be sown together at the next meeting in Italy.
In the afternoons  we visited the surroundings of Olching and Munich till evening, when at “ Haus der Begegnung „ we enjoyed a farewell evening with VHS teachers and learners. We will not forget their priceless hospitality with dancing, singing, games, great food, good company and typical Bavarian dresses.

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