Social Skills

The resources and information presented under the topic “Social Skills” refer to the conscious perception of similarities and differences between people with different cultural backgrounds and their integration and identification with the welcoming country. Language learning is considered as the most important key and skill towards a successful social integration.

Challenges of integration (EN) (DE) (ES) (FR)
Art as a link between nations (EN) (DE) (ES) (FR)
Learning spanish



(EN), IntroductionDidactic Unit

(100 frases para leerfotos y palabrasfrases cotidianaspalabrasrodea la palabra que oyesverduras)

Valladolid welcoming city (EN) (IT), IntroductionDidactic UnitLanguageMathematicsNatural and SocialTeacher evaluationLearner autoevaluation
Multisensory workshops 


Classroom materials

(EN), workshops video, presesentation EN, presentation ES, Walking Valladolid

Evaluacion, Lengua, Mate, Sociales

From Exclusion to Inclusion (EN) (IT)