The “Scarf of Solidarity” is the result of activities which took place in the partners´ countries and which were meant as a campaign against racism and for tolerance. In workshops in France, Germany, Italy and Spain about 280 squares of 20 x 20 cm were knitted by many helpful learners. At the end the scarf was 18,60 meters. The many colours and the creative patterns were exactly the symbols of diversity that the teams wanted to visualize. Messages on the scarf like “No Racism in Europe”, “Education for all” and more were sewed on the squares. The “Scarf of Solidarity” is the symbol of the diversity in Europe, of its cultural richness and the power of solidarity. The “Scarf of Solidarity” was handed out to Mrs. Petra Kammerevert, Head of the CULT Committee of the European Commission during the session of November 8th, 2018. Several videos have been made during the creation of the scarf and at a flash mob and at CULT.


Travelling scarft (EN), Presentation, Poster, Workshop

Messages on the Scarf of Solidarity

Flash mob video

Video of the ready “Scarf of Solidarity”

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